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Welcome to your ambassador dashboard. Here you’ll find the latest info and stats to make the most out of our program.

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This is the 15% off coupon you can share with everyone. We will pay you 15% of every order with this coupon.

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This discount is for you only and you can use it to get anything in the store. You should not share it with anyone else.

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Ambassador Help

If you are seeing this section it means you already figured out the logging in with your credentials part. Kudos! You’ll need your credentials to be able to access your account and dashboard so please keep your credentials handy or save them in your password manager. We don’t have access to your credentials so in case you miss them you’ll have to reset your password.

We put some quick info and handy links at the top of the Dashboard. First, you’ll see your unique ambassador coupon, then your 20% ambassador discount coupon and quick helpful links.

The dashboard shows you all the stats and info regarding your coupon usage. In order to see the latest, please click the link above “Click here to refresh the data”.

You will see 2 tabs, the first one details the total amount of times your coupon was used and the total amount of commissions you’ve earn with the program. The second tab will show you the details of the last 5 orders with your coupon. This information will help you know how much we owe you and how much you’ve earned.

We recommend you to bookmark this page so you can comeback here to check your commissions and stats.

• The first thing to do before you start promoting your coupon is adding our website URL to your social profiles. Especially on Instagram, where you only have 1 link available in your bio. That way people will easily find the link and use your coupon in our store. We recommend you use as it points directly to the products catalogue or if you want to promote a specific product, just go to the product page and copy the URL. If it looks too long you can use link shorteners like TinyURL or Bitly to make the link smaller.
Make sure you let people know you are a Piccardilla Ambassador in your Bio and that people can get 15% off if they use your coupon. Be playful with the idea, something like this:

@piccardilla Ambassador
Use code: at check out to get 15% off!

• Try not to be too salesy. Unless you have an actual business page like ours, your audience follows you for your content rather than the latest deals to buy things so make sure your promo posts are not just: “Buy this and get a discount”. It’s better to focus in your experience with Piccardilla pointing out the sustainability of our process, our soft organic cotton, etc. This would be a good example:

“I recently got my first Piccardilla sweatshirt and it’s made of just about the softest, most comfortable organic fabric on earth. Perfect for a hike in the mountains or just lounging around the house, and looking great doing either! 😘
⁣Don’t forget, if you like this sweatshirt or any other designs from Piccardilla, use the code for 15% off your order. Each item you purchase was ethically produced in a sustainable way and supports a company doing their part to protect our planet!”

Of course, this is just an example. Only you know your audience best and know how to talk to them so be creative and share an honest review in your own style.

• Post regularly but not too much. The idea here is not to make your audience think you are going to be selling them things from now on. We wouldn’t want that either. There is no set number of posts you need to post every week, you can promote as much or as little as you want but a promo post once a week gives great results for our ambassadors.
Don’t forget to tag us in your posts. We will repost your best posts and will include your original caption so make sure you include your coupon there.

• If you are promoting on Instagram, make sure you also use stories and highlights. Maybe regular posts get more views and have more reach but stories get way more engagement so don’t be afraid of using your stories to get some extra exposure.

• Another great way to get your audience attention is by creating a collection of the items you like in our store and share the collection with your followers. Just send us an email with the items for the collection so we can create it and we will name it after you. We might even include a couple of your ideas for designs and colors.

As a Piccardilla ambassador you are part of an active and eco-conscious community of people. We regularly create missions for our ambassadors to keep things fun and give extra perks to participants. Please keep an eye open for our next mission so you can too integrate with our community.

We also started a private Facebook group for ambassadors only. It’s a space to get support, share a laugh and the occasional rant. You can join the group here.

If you are not following us on social media, please do. It’s the best way to connect with us and find out about product updates so you can share with others to use your coupon. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook

Do you have a website or blog? Well, that’s the perfect place to share unique ambassador coupon and your experience with Piccardilla.

We also have a blog in our page and we love guest posts so you could also write something for our blog and increase the exposure of your coupon. We share our blog posts with our email list and social networks and we give full credit to the author so both your coupon and profile will be seen by more eyes. For example, you can write a post about organic fashion, ethical clothing, sustainability, nature, the great outdoors or something similar and use the images from our repository within the post. It’s a great way to get people involved and use your coupon.
If you have a passion for writing about nature, the great outdoors, sustainable fashion or the likes just contact us and we will move forward to the next stage.



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Sustainable clothing for adventure seekers